In this area of the website we have gathered the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the information that you need in the topics below, please contact us through our email express@abreu.pt

Before traveling

Necessary documentation to travel

All passengers, including children and infants, must have a valid ID with photo to be able to travel. The number and the expiration date of these documents may be requested when making a reservation, for the information of airline companies, which require this data in advance.

The documents required for a Portuguese citizen to travel are:

Within the European Union: Citizen Card or ID Card
Outside the European Union: Passport
To the United States of America: It is mandatory to possess machine-readable passports. If you do not have this passport, you can see your boarding being denied.
Personal ballots, court or military IDs are not valid to cross the Portuguese borders.
All documents must be valid for the travel period covering the date of departure and possible return. It may also be required a visa.
Before traveling, know the documentation requirements in the Portal of the Portuguese Communities, which can be consulted here.
If your nationality is not Portuguese you must get informed about the documentation needed to travel in your embassy. These depend on the nationality and destination country (and, sometimes, also the country where stopovers are made).
Traveling to the United States?
Depending on the nationality, a travel authorization may be required, where you should ensure that the information from your passport is up-to-date. Citizens of Portuguese or Community nationalities do not need visa but must obtain the ESTA with a minimum of 72 hours in advance. Fill out the ESTA here.

Health cares

In order to make the most of your trip, be sure to take precautions for possible health cares and always include medications considered necessary in your luggage.
Depending on the destination, it is advised to possess medications for any pain or fevers, allergies or insect bites, among others.
If you are prescript with specific medicine, make sure to bring a sufficient amount with you, because it may not be available in the destination that you are visiting. If you need to get it on the trip, take the prescription and the part of the package that identifies the active substance with you, to facilitate the replacement when the brand you use is not available. It is recommended to have a legibly doctor's prescription in order to legally prove that you need that medicine.

They are required for some countries, and the risk of infection is much bigger in children and pregnant women. The vaccines should be administrated with some time in advance, because some require an initial dose followed by reinforcement. Some vaccines can't be administered at the same time than others. The certification of all vaccinations should be made in an international certificate of vaccines, administered in the international vaccination centres.
Before confirming your reservation, get informed about the mandatory vaccines for the destination of your trip:
If you're traveling to tropical destinations, look for the travel health appointment.

Traveling with children

Traveling with children requires special attentions, always bearing in mind that longer trips may be uncomfortable at certain ages. It's up to those who travel with the children to measure the effort and seek the best measures for their welfare, while also preventing them to disturb other travellers.
All children, regardless of their age and, especially, if traveling by plane, have to have their valid documentation (ID card, passport or citizen card). In cases where the children travels only accompanied by one of the parents it is always necessary the authorization of the other parent, authenticated by a notary or a lawyer.


How can I make a reservation?

Reservations at Abreu Express are simple to make, and the website provides you all the information you need before proceeding with your payment (act that confirms your reservation).
Choose one of our booking engines (Flights, Hotel, Flight + Hotel, Events), do your research (choose the departure, destination, travel dates and number of adult passengers and children) and, according to the results, select the one you want.
In alternative to the engines, you can click on the various existing promotional highlights on our website. These will lead you to the search results for the destination and dates indicated. You can change all the information you want through the "Change Research" button.
When choosing a trip, a page with a summary of your reservation will be presented to you. Proceed with the reservation and fill the information of the person responsible for the reservation and passengers in the next step, and finally, make the payment. After this step, you will receive the confirmation of your reservation and an email with the reservation data in it.
Up to 24 hours after having made the reservation, you will receive, in the email address indicated by you, your travel documentation.
When making the reservation, remember to have the identification documents with to you. The names of the different passengers will be requested, which must be filled correctly and must match the identification documents.
To pay for the trip you can use not only Visa and MasterCard but also the ATM service (entity and reference).

What are the advantages of registering?

Abreu Express allows you to make reservations without requiring a login on our website. In this case, it will only be requested the email, name and contact of the person titled as responsible for the reservation. Then you can proceed to the payment.
The registration on our website is an advantage - not only simplifies the process by memorizing your data, but it also gives you access to a Client Area.
In the Client Area, we keep a record of your reservations, that you can consult at any time, also allowing you to make payments, request documentation, etc.
You can, at any time, access your registration and make changes to your data in https://www.cliente.abreuexpress.com/login

How should I fill in the names?

When making a reservation on our website, you will be asked for the first and last name of each passenger. It is important to fill this information exactly as it appears on their identification documents.
Passenger name: Maria Inês Rocha da Silva
Name in the Reservation: Maria (first name) Silva (last name) or Mariaines (joining the first and second name) Silva (last name).
Note that the incorrect filling of the names has implications. After the issuance of documentation, taxes can be applied to make alterations to the names, and in some cases it is even impossible to make it. If the names in the documentation do not match the names of the identification documents, transportation may be denied.
To avoid these constraints, please contact immediately our services if there is a mistake in filling out the names of passengers when you have made a reservation.

What forms of payment are available?

On our website you can make the payment of your travel with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. You can also use the ATM service, proceeding to payment through an ATM or in your home banking service. For this, at the time of booking, you will be provided with an entity and corresponding reference to the amount payable (similar to the payment of other services, like water or electricity).
If you choose to pay through home banking service, you must select the "shopping payment" to do the payment.
To validate your reservation it is necessary to do the payment immediately, as it happens when you select the payment by credit card. If you choose the ATM payment option, you should make the payment as soon as you receive the email with the details of the entity and reference.
The delay in payment can lead to changes in prices and conditions, or even cancellation of the reserve.

It is safe to pay with credit card?

On our website we use the latest security techniques to ensure that your payment is secure. In Abreu Express, we do not keep the data from your credit card, because when you're making your payment you're communicating directly with your bank through the services of our payment platform (SIBS-UNICRE).
In any circumstance we have knowledge of the data of your credit card.
When entering your card data, you're introducing it on a page with the active encryption protocols (https), which means that it is guaranteed that your data communication (not only payment, but also different names and details of documentation) is protected and cannot be intercepted on the network.

Will my reservation be immediately confirmed?

At the end of the process we present a summary of your trip, which indicate the condition of the reservation. In most cases, the condition appears as "Confirmed". This means that you are one step closer to having the trip that you want, only being necessary that you do the payment.
If you paid by credit card and the transaction has been accepted, then the reservation will be processed and you will only have to wait for the email that we will send with your travel documents.
If you informed that you would pay by ATM, do not forget that the payment should be immediate, so that you do not lose the conditions for your reservation. Pay special attention to the flight reservations: currently, most airline companies require booking and immediate issuance of documentation, something that we can only accomplish with your payment.
We emphasize that the immediate payment guarantees the conditions in which you made your reservation (price and destination) as well as the fast submission of the necessary documentation to travel.

I paid for a reservation and it was not confirmed

In Abreu Express we offer a set of services (flights and hotel) that have availability and instant confirmation. In order to present this offer, we work with different international systems that provide availability and prices up to the minute for the trip that you want to do.
Although we are connected to these permanently systems, there may be some occasions (rare ones) where, after making your reservation, it does not get confirmed, being communicated to you that your reservation have some pending confirmation services.
This is because, at the time you were making the reservation, the places that our system informed to be available ceased to be. In this case, we will contact you, as long as the payment has been done, to inform the new conditions in which we can accept your request. Often, the reservations are not confirmed by issues that occur when you’re making the reservation, ending up being confirmed during this contact.
In other cases, there may be any schedule and / or price alterations. You can accept or reject a possible alternative. If not accepted, we will refund the amount of your payment.

Travel costs have changed

The results of your search (Flight, Hotel or Flight + Hotel) match the times and amounts present in Global Distribution Systems (GDS) or in the hotel reservation systems. In Abreu Express we use different systems to always give you the best price.
By choosing one of the search results on our website, you will be transported to a summary page of the reservation, where you will have access to detail and total values, in order to be able to make your purchasing decision.
Eventually, there may be a flight or hotel price change when you get to that page. This happens because at that time, we contacted the chosen airline company or hotel to reconfirm conditions. Sometimes, due to update issues and / or delays in booking, the prices may change.
The values present in the summary page of your reservation are the values applied to your purchase.

How do I receive the documentation of the trip?

The travel document is sent within 24 hours after the purchase, in other words, after making the reservation and pay for it. The documentation may consist in electronic aviation tickets, hotel vouchers and other documents such as insurance certificates.
Before traveling you should print these documents and take them with you, because they may be requested by the airline companies and / or hotels.
The documentation will be sent to the email used in the reservation process. To prevent this email to be considered spam, please add our email (express@abreu.pt) to your contact list.

How to change or cancel the reservation?

The alteration or cancellation of reservations depends on the reserved product and the deadline for the beginning of the journey.
When making a reservation, always check the alteration and cancellation policy.
When booking flights, there are very specific reserves depending on the airline company. Learn more in "Flights".
In the hotel reservation, some fares allow rebooking more closely to the date of the accommodation. Learn more in "Hotel".


Where and how can I check in online?

24 hours before the departure (and in some companies and airports even earlier), you can make your online check-in at several airline companies, which allow you to choose your seat and print your boarding pass or receive it electronically on your smartphone. All of this can be made in the comfort of your house or your office.
Today, with the existing movement in airports and automation of procedures of airline companies, it is essential to do this prior check-in, so that everything goes well with your trip.
See the conditions of your airline company and travel quietly. Below, there are some of the online check-in links of the most used airline companies.


Flights operated by other companies

In some flights, you will find the information that they are operated by another company, which means that the aircraft does not belong to the same company that operates the flight. For instance, some TAP flights are operated by Portugália or by White, and some Iberia flights are operated by Vueling, among other cases.
We provide this information on our website whenever it exists, so that you know that regardless you’re buying the flight from a specific company, the aircraft may belong to another company, including its crew and its service.
Currently, this situation happens often, as the companies share routes and destinations. The information we provide is taken from the Global Distribution Systems and updated at time of the reservation. We believe that we provide the information required for the decision made at the time of the reservation. We are not responsible for any operational changes that may occur at the last minute.

Which luggage is included?

There are many airline companies that present prices without hold luggage in their offers, in other words, only allow you to carry hand luggage. If you need to carry hold luggage, you must pay a tax at the airport.
On our website we present information about the luggage that is included in your trip. Be aware of this information since the reservation of cheaper fares, which do not include hold luggage, may present additional costs, making your trip more expensive.
If you have booked a trip with only hand luggage and want to add hold luggage, you should do this operation on the airline's website before traveling. Often, the acquisition of this service at the airports has a higher cost.

How to find the lower prices?

Always try to book flights for your next trip with the maximum advance as it will ensure, presumably, the cheapest prices. The nearer the departure date, the higher the prices are likely to rise by the airline companies due to the increased flight occupation.
The price of the flight tickets vary continuously. If you find the flight and the price you want, we advise you to make the reservation immediately, because in a matter of hours it may change.
Normally the flights with stopover (and therefore with a longer travel time), have lower prices than the direct flights (more convenient). Flights with stopover, due to the price differences, are a good option for leisure travellers and the ones with more time available for the flight.
Travels outside the peak season, normally, have also lower prices.
On our website we search for the prices of general airline companies and low cost companies. We combine all these results to offer you the cheapest price at any time.

No longer traveling? Changes and cancellations

If you purchased a flight with Abreu Express, received the travel documents and will not be traveling (or want to change dates), you must contact us as soon as possible, in order to verify the conditions attached to the air fare in which you made your reservation.
If your reservation was made on a low cost airline company like EasyJet, Ryanair, Transavia, or another one, you should contact these companies directly, because the transaction is carried out directly with them.
Abreu Express operates only change or cancelling actions with regular airline companies like TAP, Air France, Iberia, KLM, British Airways, among others.
When booking flights from regular airline companies on our website, you should check the rules of cancellation and alteration of your trip (see "Rules") that comes with each result. Normally, in cheaper fares, there is no right to a refund in case of cancellation – in other words, you will have 100% of expense. In some cases, you may be entitled to a partial refund if you cancel your trip before its start. Our travel consultants will act swiftly so that you can get your refund whenever you have the right to it. It will be charged a tax for this transaction for both change and cancellations, in the amount of €30.
Travel alterations
When the flights have not yet begun, and if it’s possible to make the ticket alteration, Abreu Express will charge eventual amounts to changing the rate. The amounts charged take into account the new dates, any change taxes charged by airline companies and an alteration tax by Abreu Express.
Original Fare: €75
New Fare: €90
Difference: €15
Alteration Tax: €30
Airline Company’s Alteration Tax: €30
Total cost of the alteration: €30 + €30 + €15 = €75

What are the booking taxes?

By making simple flight reservations on our website, you may have to pay a reservation tax between €3 and €25 per person. This tax varies with the selected routes and the services purchased together with your reservation.
For instance, if you purchased travel insurance at the time of booking, taxes will not be charged.
In the summary of your reservation we present all taxes included in the price shown, allowing you to be aware of all costs when you’re making your decision.
On our website, by reservation taxes, we mean booking and emission taxes that are intended to cover our operating costs, reservation support and support wherever it is necessary.
We have a travel consulting team available 362 days per year, through telephone and email, to ensure that you have the necessary support from the time of your reservation until your return.

Reservations in low cost companies

In Abreu Express you will find many companies that are usually labelled as low cost companies, such as EasyJet, Ryanair, Transavia, Germanwings, among others.
When making a reservation in one of these companies, you will not find any differences, but you must always have to pay by credit card. This payment is made directly to the company and it is the same company that provides all the necessary information for your trip. In these cases, Abreu Express works as a broker website between your application and the airline company where you bought your ticket.
In most cases, especially if you make a reservation with some time in advance, the low-cost airline companies provide you advantageous prices. However, when making a reservation in one of these companies, you are only entitled to carry one piece of hand luggage and, normally, extra services will be charged – such as marking places and / or consumption of food and drinks on board.
When booking in a low cost company on our website, you should bear in mind that if you want to make any alteration, you should contact the company directly. Know that some companies do not allow cancellations, such as EasyJet and Ryanair.


How do I look for a Hotel?

In the hotel research on the website, we present several options focused on presenting the best prices and availability for your travel dates. Prices are constantly being updated, so, they are only valid for reservations made at the time of the research.
Search hotels for a particular destination and dates of stay, select the number of rooms you want and specify the distribution of guests by the different rooms, so that we can give you the most relevant results. You can also search by the international rating of the hotel (number of stars) you want to be housed.
For instance, if you select a 4 stars hotel, you will be presented with hotels with 4 and 5 stars ratings.
You can also search by entering the hotel name. In this case, we advise you to search by brand names or hotel chains, or do not use the full name of the hotel. The names of the hotels are constantly varying, so it will be easier to find results searching for "Pestana" rather than "Hotel Pestana Alvor", for instance.

The price shown is for the total stay?

The prices shown in the hotel results are the overall prices, in other words, for the total selected rooms and for the total stay. For your information and comparison, it also indicates the price per night.
For each hotel there may be different types of rooms, therefor with different costs. By changing the type of room, even in a result shown on this hotel research, the total for the stay will be altered.

Advance payment of the reservation

We ask for the hotel reservation payment at the time it is made. With this procedure we can ensure the best prices and increased availability of offers at all times.
If you book a hotel room and, later, do not want to travel, you can cancel your reservation by contacting us directly. Do not forget to check which cancellation charges are applied to the room you are booking when making the reservation. The cancellation expenses, normally, vary with the proximity of the reserved date, being directly related to the amount that will be refunded, if you are entitled to it.

Do I have any costs by cancelling the reservation?

Any cancellation taxes that we charge when you cancel your reservation are exactly the same that are charged to us by the hotels. Abreu Express does not charge taxes for its own profit.
The hotels apply cancellation charges primarily in rooms with cheaper fares, preventing themselves in case that they cannot resell the room booked and subsequently cancelled.
Do not forget to always check the costs applied to your reservation when making it.

What are restrictive fares?

In the prices shown for the rooms, often comes the information that it is a restrictive fare. These are fares that, in most cases, do not allow changes or cancellations in reserving these rooms, and require payment by credit card.
For rooms with restrictive fares, the same rooms are always available with higher values, corresponding to more flexible fares in terms of changes and cancellations.
Before finishing the reservation, you may consult the complete information about the cancellation policy, the same that is applied to alterations. By confirming your reservation, you agree with the conditions, so we emphasize that you should always read the conditions before finishing the reservation.

Flight + Hotel

Why book Flight + Hotel?

When booking Flight + Hotel simultaneously on our website, you are saving for different reasons:
We have special air fares negotiated for joint reservations with hotel, which means that these prices are not available if you only book the flight. Also, since you are purchasing more than one service at the same time, we can lower the prices in some services that we perform, and we add these savings in the final cost. You are buying us your entire journey, and we have that in mind in the reservation taxes applied.
Our Flight + Hotel research engine includes an offer to all general airline companies and more than 140,000 hotels. Therefore, we have a wide and quality offer that is not limited to big cities like Paris, London, New York or Barcelona, but also covers the best beach destinations such as Madeira, Cape Verde, Caribbean, Thailand or the Maldives.

This offer does not include the transfers?

In a Flight + Hotel reservation the transfers founded in more traditional tourist packages are not included. In most destinations you’ll find more competitive local solutions that are more advantageous in terms of price.
However, in some of the destinations, transfers proposals are presented when you finish the reservation, in case you want to guarantee them on your trip.

When combining Flight + Hotel you’re buying a package

When buying Flight + Hotel, you’re technically buying a travel package, in this case, from Viagens Abreu S.A.
The purchase of a package is an advantage because it is under the specific Portuguese Legislation, with more guarantees for your trip, in opposition to just buying flight or hotel.


What are the events?

In Abreu Express we have a page dedicated to events in different parts of the world that we consider relevant. They are suggestions for your next trip or ideas to enrich the trip that you have already booked.
In this page you can find cultural, popular, religious, alternative, artistic and musical events, among many others. In our website, you’ll find a calendar of events with many different themes and characteristics, all having in common the fact that they are all worth to see and experience.

Do the events include tickets?

The Events area is connected to our different booking engines to facilitate the choice and reservation of flights and hotels. In Abreu Express we sell the flight and the hotel for you to be able to attend these events, but we do not sell tickets or admissions, if there’s any.
Most of the events that we propose do not require entrance ticket, being open to the general public. However, in cases where it is necessary to have ticket, make sure to buy it in separate.

Why reserve flight and hotel?

The events area provides suggestions and ideas for your travels. It is also connected to our different booking engines so that you can choose and book flights and hotels, if you want to attend one of the events.
For your convenience, we select and present some hotels and flights that you may purchase individually or together. We do not sell admissions or tickets to events, if there’s any.

Book in advance

Booking in advance is crucial so that you can get the best prices for your trip and ensure that the hotel you want is available. The events that we suggest are visited by people of different nationalities, so, the availabilities on flights and hotels run out some time before the date of the event.

Our Website

What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies, which are small files stored on your computer when you visit a website. With them, we can improve our service, recommending you products that suit your preferences and interests.
Most websites use cookies to obtain statistical and navigation data that improve the website’s areas and products with more interest to the users.

Is my data safe?

All data and transactions on our website are protected and cannot be intercepted on the network. We guarantee the protection of your data by using advanced security techniques.
When booking in Abreu Express, you are purchasing from Viagens Abreu SA. We are the oldest travel agency in Portugal and we are proud to have the confidence of thousands of passengers who continuously entrust us with their travels.